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Our customers come to our orchard to pick their own apples and have 23 varieties to choose from. . . . starting in late July, the LODI is ready to be picked for great applesauce and pies. Our early August apples include JERSEY MAC, EARLY BLAZE, and DUTCHESS. This season, late August apples will be McINTOSH and GALA. JONATHANS will begin in the middle of September. When October arrives we start picking EMPIRE, GOLDEN DELICIOUS, JONAGOLD and BLUSHING GOLDEN. Late in October we still have RED DELICIOUS, BRAEBURN and WINESAP. The message on our answering machine gives up-to-date picking information. 815-338-7443. It gives our estimated ripening dates and our favorite ways to use our apples.

"Hope we see you!"

Click on "thumbnail" of each apple below to see full-sized image, as well as descriptions.

Thumbnail Name Harvest Time
lodi apple Lodi Late July
jersey mac apple Jersey Mac Early August
earliblaze apple Early Blaze Early August
dutchess apple Dutchess Early August
Cortland apple Cortland Mid September
Cox Orange Pippen apple Cox Orange Pippin Mid September
Honey Crisp apple Honeycrisp Mid September
Sweet 16 apple Sweet 16 Mid September
Wolf River apple Wolf River Mid September
snow apple Snow Late September
Spitzenberg apple Spitzenberg Late September
Sundance apple Sundance Late September
mcintosh apple McIntosh Late August
gala apple Gala Late August
jonathan apple Jonathan Mid September
empire apple Empire October
golden delicious apple Golden Delicious October
jonagold apple Jonagold October
blushing golden apple Blushing Golden October
Baldwin apple Baldwin Mid October
red delicious apple Red Delicious Late October
braeburn apple Braeburn Late October
winesap apple Winesap Late October

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